NYC DoT Traffic Camera Archive

by Aakash Patel (with special thanks to NYC Mesh)

This project was created to preserve NYC’s live traffic camera feed and make it available as a news and information resource for the public. Please file an archive request for the footage you need.

The NYC DoT is not affiliated with this project - though they are welcome! We’d love to work with an official feed that would enable archiving of footage for all of NYC on a more frequent basis. Please note that everything is provided on an as-is basis, without any guarantees or limitations. Get in touch if you’d like to see this project expanded or would like to contribute!

Archive organization

Files are organized in hourly folders: /<YEAR>/<MONTH>/<DAY>/<HOUR>/… Each folder contains:

  1. A comma-seperated file named key.txt, with the following information in each row:
    • CAMERA ID: Numerical ID correponding with a given camera.
    • BOROUGH: The borough in which a given camera is located.
    • LOCATION: The specific location of a given camera within the borough.
  2. Image frames bundled by camera in tar files: <CAMERA ID>-<YEAR>-<MONTH>-<DAY>-<HOUR>.tar
    • Within bundles, the suffix of each image filename corresponds with the time it was captured: <CAMERA ID>-<YEAR>-<MONTH>-<DAY>-<HOUR>:<MINUTE>:<SECOND>.jpg


  • Currently limited to the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Images are captured every 1 to 30 seconds per camera.
  • Archive is updated hourly, within the hour after original capture.